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It’s important to save this world by maintenance all the things on earth. Some activities such a water sport can impact the nature, whether negative even positive. How does water sports affect the environment? Well, to built a water sport spots, its need a space. The space itself threatening space either for animals and plants. Although it gives the small impact only, we must rethink while built a water sport spots.

Are you one of the biggest fan of water sport? If its “yes”, you have to visit the most beautiful water sport spot in the world. Not only visiting, but you also taking care about the water environmental itself. The small action you take, like not dumping rubbish anywhere could save the environmental.

Beside having fun and chilling, you also can spending time relaxing. If you want a great summer, make sure you’ll visit Phuket in Thailand, Goa, The Andamas, Rishikesh and Lahaul in India, and some spots in Bali, Indonesia.There’s many water sport you have to try. Such a swimming, diving, water polo, waboba, aquajogging, and water aerobics. Before doing water sport, you need equipment to make it more attractives. Here is the lists of equipment only for you.


1. Old Town Next Canoe

Old Town Next Canoe

Old Town is a company with a rich 100 years in paddlesport. These days, they unveil a product that represent the future. The Next Canoe is one of fresh and unique equipment for watercraft unlike the other. Your solo water experience gonna be great by using this boat. It designed to create a truly amazing personal water sport.

The features:

  • Design for fun and remarkably easy and batural paddling experience
  • Smooth tracking
  • 3-layer hull features subtle rocker for straight
  • Ideal for both single or double bladed paddles
  • Enhance comfort and performance


2. Wood Veneer Carbon Outrigger OC Canoe Paddle In Wooden Bent Shaft – by ZJ SPORT

Wood Veneer Carbon Outrigger OC Canoe Paddle In Wooden Bent Shaft – by ZJ SPORT

This brand located in HangZhou City, China foundedin 2007. This equipment function is to row while sailing the ocean or river. The price defend on either model and type. The price range starts from less than $100 – around $200. To get the best deal, buy while its sale.

Product advantages:

  • Aluminium alloy mold for carbon bamboo veneer blades
  • The bamboo veneer blade is made by hand laying-up
  • The production process without paint spraying finish and without clear coated process
  • The wooden is completely handcrafted


3. Men’s Warmdry 4mm Neoprene Dry Suit by – SEAC

Men's Warmdry 4mm Neoprene Dry Suit by - SEAC

It designed for the most demanding recreational divers. The material is high resistance and the protection for whole body. Whether shoulders, knees, buttocks, and elbows. It comes in black colour suits with the price range among $990.00 up to $999.00

Product specs:

  • High density 4 mm neoprene drysuit
  • It’s design for divers demanding recreational
  • Available in set, such a storage bag, hood, hose, and straps
  • Can turn inside-out to fast drying
  • Can keep the water out






4. J Bar Kayak Canoe Inflatable – by 9sparts

J Bar Kayak Canoe Inflatable – by 9sparts

Looking for this stuff via online? You should be patient because it’s sold quickly from supply. If you want to get this one, you can buy through The price only $22.65 and you’ll get free shipping.

Product specs:

  • 1 pair consist with 2 racks in 1 kayak
  • Can hold 36” wide and up to 150 lbs kayak
  • Made of 1.5 mmrhick steel tube
  • Intended stubing design, strong, and stable
  • All weather resistant and foam protector
  • Made as professional with outdoor glossy black paint
  • Buy through Amazon and you’ll get 30 days warranty




There’s a lot of benefits you’ll get by purchasing this Canoe Center Seat Kit. This equipment gonna make your life easy and be the best solution to your problem. Grab it fast before its sold out in the online store. The price is $76.00 + $29.99 on Amazon.

Product description:

  • Fits all Grumman Canoes with a 35” to 37” beam
  • Can carrying an extra passenger because it made by .80” tough aluminium

What’s inside the Canoe Center Seat Kit?

  • GCI outdoor sitbacker canoe sit
  • Sun dolphin canoe paddles, came out in black 54 inches
  • Jet logic A-2 complete folding anchor system
  • KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley

Your water sport experience will enhance if you have a complete equipment. Before its going to sold out, you must be fast visiting online store or online store nearby. Don’t forget to always compare the price list to get the cheapest price. One last thing, make sure to check the whole product to avoid the damage. Thanks for read the article. Wish it useful for all the readers.

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