How to Shave Your Beard with Electric Shaver

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We all have different perseption when we see people do shave. Most of us said shaving is not a big deal. It is easy to do, especially when we get the suitable shaver. Actually it is not, especially for a former. Before do shaving, there’s lot of things to consider. Beside the product itself, you have to know how to shave your beard first.  To keep the best electric shaver last for years, you also need to know how to shave your beard without razor bumps. Not totally easy, right ?

To get sleek and smooth results, we already make a list about step to do shaving. If all this time you do shaving in a wrong way, information shown below will let you know about how to shave your beard with electric shaver. Check it out thoroughly.

  • Know your face shape. You must adjust your face with your shaving style to hand a great result then
  • Know your beard hairs type. If you know the type, you’ll be easy to pick which razor is proper
  • Prepare a sharp razor to ease you while shaving. If your hair is bearish type, consider to use the sharpest razor
  • Then trim the down place first, when it’s done, move to the top place
  • Clean your face with a proper facial wash. This is helpful to rid off the hair around your chin and neck
  • Don’t forget to use a beard oily. this depends on desire, if you want nourish your beard skin, carry on
  • Clean your shaver if all work done to keep it lasts

If you do shave in a right way, we guarantee you’ll get the best result. Also your skin will be not in damage. However, do shaving is not completely sufficient without using the right type of shaver itself. Well beside guide you to do how to shave your beard, we also present you the best electric shavers beneath. Let’s go scroll down and check it.

1. Shaver Beard Trimmer Rechargeable With LCD Display Black Heavy – by Surker

Optimus 50043 Curve Rechargeable Triple Wet-dry Men's Shaver, Black-silverHow to shave your beard with SURKER Pro Hair Clippers for Men ? Well, the step as same as the step mentioned. If you need a practice and simply electric shaver, go for SURKER Pro Man’s. Not only trim your beard, you also can trim your back hair using this shaver. The weight only 1.2 pounds, make it easy to hold while shaving. The LED light will warn you how many percents the battery stand out. Fast charging will be convenient for you who won’t spend time for charge.2.5 hours charge time will make your trimmer last for 2 hours. To save more time, SURKER Pro Man’s trimmer available in many guide comb: 3 – 6 – 10 – 12 mm. You can adjust which one you need based on your beard.

How about the price? SURKER trimmer came up in $29.99. The normal price is $99.00 but if you making a purchase now, you get 70% discounts on Amazon. It means you can save more money for the best trimmer. Product got 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. Based on buyer reviews, most of them recommend this product for you.Don’t wait too long. Go grab this ptoduct in your hand.

2. Optimus 50043 Curve Rechargeable Triple Wet/dry Men’s Shaver, Black/silver

Shaver Beard Trimmer Rechargeable With LCD Display Black Heavy – by SurkerNext product is Optimus 50043 Curve Rechargeable Triple Wet/dry. Having a berard hair is not matter cause Optimus 50043 will help you out to cut off all the beard you have. Product come with 3 blades that will be able to cut off the beard beneath your skin gently. If you wanna take the shaver with you while travel, you can use the shaver cordless. The opposite, if you at home want to shave your beard, you can use either cordless or corded. Two options offered for you.

Battery last for long. Before you use the shaver, might be good if you charge them first to add the power. Keep it long to yourside for years by doing the good maintenance. If the shaver dirt, put beneath a tap andthe dirt will breeze slowly in the shortest time. Made of stainless teel with combination black and grey colours make this Optimus 50043 look stylish and gentleman. You will get more knowledge here : gazblogs

Amazon sell this Optimus 50043 in price $26.99 and get free shipping. Based on customer reviews, Optimus 50043 got 3.3 stars out of 5 stars. Not totally pity, right? Well, don’t wait too long because this product stand for 5 units only. If you overthinking, perhaps it is gonna sold out in the next day. How to shave your beard can be easy with 7 steps above. To support your shaving session, which the best electric shaver or trimmer you prefer to? Whatever your choice is, it’s always important to adjust the price, benefits, and features in that trimmer or shaver itself. Thanks for reading the article.

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