How to Clean a Leather Couch

How to Clean a Leather Couch

There’s nothing more attractive beside doing home decor. Keep the stuffs in the living room or replace with a new stuffs. One of the best choice while decor a house is put some leather couch, especially n the living room. Leather couch gonna enhance elegancy and the appearance. But leather couch is kind of difficult to clean. It’s also need an extra maintenance. When it’s wet, you cannot just wipe them all. You need a tricky way.

Before you clean your leather couch, knowing the type of leather couch must be necessary. It’s gonna help you while clean it when you know the type. But, you have to make a steps for cleaning. When you got none ideas, you can ask someboby to help you out, such a product retailer. But wait, you have to spend another bucks while doing it. If you okay with that, it’s okay carry on. To save more money, it’s recommend to do it youself.

Fortunately you stopping by, this article gonna talk about how to clean a leather couch. With an easy ways, may help you. Don’t make it long, here are the tips for you :


1. Remove large debris with a vacuum

Remove large debris with a vacuum

Dust can be difficult to clean sometimes. Further it could spreading easily from outside. Try to clean one side isn’t enough without pay attention to the other side. Even when you think it’s clean already, it is totally not because the small pieces of the debris. To help you out, using vacuum cleaner is the best choice. It works very good to rise up either the small and large debris.

But you must spend your bucks to buy a vacuum cleaner. It’s not pricey at all. Spend only $35, you can take your fave vacuum cleaner and use it everyday.


2. Use the vacuum’s brush attachment

Use the vacuum’s brush attachment

To clean your leather couch, make sure you use a vacuum brush attachment. To make it easier, you can use the small brush. Why? Because small brush easy to use, especially it’s lightly to carry. Choose the right small brush with an affordable price is a must. Thus, you have to make sure the brush you have can brushinto the crevices. To help you out, you also can use the cleaning gel.


3. Dust the sofa

Dust the sofa

Feather duster is the right choice while cleaning the dust in your leather couch. This feather duster easyto use andvery helpful when you clean the couch. For the best result, try to make it carefully. If you make it roughly, it’s gonna leave a scratch on the leather couch. If you don’t want to spend bucks for repairment, be careful.


4. Doing Routine Cleaning

Doing Routine Cleaning

This is the most important part. Cleaning leather couch must be useless if you clean it only once or twice a year. There are many useful ways to keep your leather couch clean. You can mixing the chemicals to create the best cleaning gel. But one thing, you should know the dose while combine the chemicals. Don’t pour too much or less, but combine equally between one to another chemicals. If you are the beginners, you can search the information how to create a cleaning gel. Not a big deal, right?


5. Scrub the sofa lightly

Scrub the sofa lightly

Cleaning section must be right if you do from the up into down. Scrub the leather couch smoothly. This way very useful especially to small or hidden section. This one makes you tired easily. To avoid that, you can use less of your power.


6. Wipe the sofa dry

Wipe the sofa dry

To dry the wet spot, you can use a rag. A rag can help you to clean every single section. Even the small or unreachable spot, you can insert the rag. Use the small or big rag to help you while cleaning the dirt. Wipe one section first till it done, then moving on to another section. Do this constantly to make your leather couch stay clean.


7. Treating Stains

Treating Stains

The next tips for how to clean a leather couch is treating stains. Stains coming from food, juice, or maybe beauty product that fallen. If you not clean it faster when its fallen, the stain must be clingy and hard to clean. If wiping the leather couch isn’t useful, you can use a baking soda. You can put some baking soda on the stain to cover the stains. Then, you have to wait till a few hours to get the best result.


8. Conditioning the Sofa

Conditioning the Sofa

How to conditioning the sofa? Well, you can create a clean gel with combine lemon and white vinegar. You can put both ingrediants into a small bowl, then mixed thoroughly. After mixed well, you can use the gel into the leather couch. Wipe slowly to one and the other spot.

Your question about how to clean a leather couch already answered. If any question pop up, don’t be hesitate to comment. Or if you have any reference, put it in the comment section down below. Thanks for reading.

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