Top 5 Best Smartwatches for Android For Men and Women

Smartwatches for Android

Smartwartches for Android demanding evolve since the first time release in 2014. In the early days, its just few option, such a Motorola and LG brand. These days, every brand try to unveil their new smartwatches for Andoid with different spesification. Even the traditional watchmakers begin to embrace the Google-powered smartwatch platform.

Number of watches increase dramatically in the market. Model and price offers differently. Also consideration about which one is the best stand out. Totally make you confuse to pick which watches suit you. Onr thing you should remember, every single watches are quite similar one to the other, especially in hardware and software.

To make it easy, we already make a lists about smartwatches for Android. Make sure you read rigorously.

1. SmartWatch Sweatproof Smart Watch Phone for Android – by Antimi

SmartWatch Sweatproof Smart Watch Phone for Android – by AntimiAntimi smartwatch is in the first position. This watch better use for Android instead Iphone. Before you purchase a smartwatch, make you it fits with the type and model of your phone. This smartwatch have all bells and whistles. If you like to dress more casual, it’s better to wear this watch. The wristband designed fit sized arm. Moreover, it released with a large and colourful screen. Wanna purchase? Prep $25.99 only and bring ‘em home. It gonna works if you download the app first. So, make sure you’re not forget the app.

Product specs:

  • Compatibility with HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, Google Pixel, Iphone 5, 5S, 6, 6+, and Iphone 7. You can download the app for Android but not for IOS. Make sure you make connect first to the Iphone
  • Work as an independent phone. If you want to make a call directly from the smartwatch, just put the SIM Card inside
  • Offer many function
  • Available in bluetooth mode
  • 2 years guarantee


2. Smart Watch Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone with 16GB TF Card for by – Aipker

Smart Watch Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone with 16GB TF Card for by - AipkerIf you want to take a test, purchase the Aipker Smartwatch. For all the point, the price suit with the benefit. Syncing with your phone first to make it useful. There’s no issue after syncing it with your phone. The features inside make you want to purchase soon. Battery life, ability to add more apps, and the vibration alert are the features. Spend for about $49.99 to grab this one.

Product description:

  • 56” display TFT HD LCD
  • Battery stand by more than 7 days
  • 240 x 240 pixel resolution ratio
  • Support 3D acceleration, anti lost, sleep monitoring, and remote picture
  • Simple operation also swift responsive
  • Available in bluetooth
  • All funstions work for IOS smartphone such as Iphone 5, 6, and 7


3. Smartwatch + Unlocked Watch all iphone and android – by CNPGD

Smartwatch + Unlocked Watch all iphone and android – by CNPGD

This smart watch suit for everyone who don’t want to spend much money only for a smart watch. This watch easy to use with many feature inside. The sleep and step tracker works. Also the alarm can wake you up after you set it. Say something to the watch and it’s gonna work because the Siri. But you can’t text or message people from this watch. Spend your bucks for about $21.99 and take ‘em home.

The specs:

  • Sync to Android or IOS then it works very good
  • Designed exclusively for CNPGD, smart watch, health control, media control, and cell phone watch
  • Can use as a regular smartphone by insert the SIM Card
  • Compatibility for all Android type also IOS version.



4. CNPGD Weatherproof Smartwatch by CNPGDTouchscreen for iPhone Android

CNPGD Weatherproof Smartwatch by CNPGD - Touchscreen for iPhone AndroidThis one work very good on Android instead Iphone. Yup, because it’s truly unveil for the Android. The whole set up is very easy and not hard to figure out at all. That’s why this one very easy to use also have a cheap price. We think, this watch is the cheap smartwatches for Android ever. Spend $12.99 and boom! Your dream come true to have this smart watch.






5. Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch – Silver/Black (US Warranty) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch - Silver-Black

Samsung succeed extended their brand into a smart watch by unveil thir Samsung gear 2 smartwatch. Although this brand failed to be a killer smartwatch last year, but Samsung return with three new contenders. The gear 2 is undoubtedly an impressive display on wrist tech. This gear works for Samsung Android only. Unfortunately, the gear 2 is very expensive. You must spend $175.

Product specs:

  • Samsung gear 2 possible to make or receive a call
  • You can capture moment using this smartwatch
  • Campatible with Samsung Galaxy S, Note, and Mega
  • Receive an instant notifications
  • Personalize fitness motivator because its built-in heart rate sensor

That’s all the information about smartwatches for Android. Which one you love the most? Whatever your choice is, consider about its function is the most important part. Thanks for read the article.

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