Best Compound Bow For Beginners

Best Compound Bows

Do you love hunting? If you do, you must have one of the best compound bow. If hunting is part of your life, then you have to save money to buy one. Talking about the best compound bow perhaps gonna make you confuse and overwhelm. Why? Because it’s difficult to find out what’s the better and save your money. Further, advertising offer you plenty option. And the facts, there’s not all the compound bow offer the best quality with the affordable price. So, you have to check and make sure the compound bow is what you looking for.

For a professional, novice, or for woman who like to teach their children how to be a good archer, here is the information about the best compound bow. Don’t be worry, we picked you the best quality compound bow with the affordable price.


1. Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

If you don’t have any idea about the best archery, here you come. Crosman Elkhorn Jr. is suitable for your children. This Crosman Elkhorn only available in a right-handed version. It means your kid have to use his left hand while pulling the string back and the right hand to holding it. If you see the strings, maybe you’ll start to think its a usual and commonstrings. But actually it is not.

This Crosman Elkhorn suit for children at the age of 9 years old or older. If you want to teach your kid under 9 years old, you must think first. The weight is between 17 – 21 lbs, so when your kid holding it, they’ll getting tired soon because it’s a bit heavy.

The product specs:

  • 33” axle to axle, which designed for shootability
  • 17 – 21 lbs weight, which suit for novices
  • 26” max draw, allow you to use it for years with the same bow set
  • Very versatile for balance
  • The best compound bow option for right-handed shooters
  • The bow set, including arrows, arm guard, finger tab, sights, two-piece quiver, and arrow test


2. Lil Banshee Youth Compound Bow And Arrow Archery Kit Pink Kid Starter Set Girls

Lil Banshee Youth Compound Bow And Arrow Archery Kit Pink Kid Starter Set Girls

Archery become the best sport recently. Not only for a boys but also a girls. The small body make it possibly uses by childrens or teenagers. But it is difficult to find out the best brand suits the archer. Two things you have to think before buy the compound bow is the lenght and the weight.

One of the best compound bow is Lil Banshee. Why? Because it’s durability, water resistant, and low maintenance. That means you don’t have to taking care of te compound bow often. The standard maintenance is enough. Though the title named for “starter set girls”, it’s still can use for either boys and girls.

Here is the specs of Lil Banshee Youth Compound Bow:

  • Ideal set bow for either boys and girls
  • It’s equipped with a handle reinforcedfor a soft grip
  • It’s easy to carry because it’s only 18 lbs
  • The draw lenght between 18 – 22 inches
  • The bow set including two arrows and multi-colored target


3. Crosman Upland Compound Bow and Start-Up Kit

Crosman Upland Compound Bow and Start-Up Kit

The low poundage make it suits for young children. If see at a glance, it looks like a toy. But it doesn’t really. This small compound bow can hurt anybody if you as a parents don’t keep watching your children while using it. This Crosman Upland only available in ambidextrous version. The archer can use either the left or right hand while pulled the string.

The product specs:

  • Easy to use
  • Draw weight is 10 lbs
  • The draw lenght between 22 – 24 inches
  • Composite riser and fiberglass limbs
  • The bow set including two fiberglass arrows, a quiver, armguard, finger guard, and color grips

For the price, its really cheap because in Amazon it’s sale! Just spend your $18.70, you can take this best compound bow home.


4. Genesis Mini Bow

Genesis Mini Bow

Next is genesis mini bow. It’s mini though, but the price is expensive. You have to spend $170 – $230 to get this home. This one spesifically designed for young childrens. It’s also easy to use without getting fatigue.

The product specs:

  • 5” axle to axle
  • Draw weight between 6 – 12 lbs
  • The draw lenght between 14 – 25 inches


5. Barnett Brotherhood Lil Banshee

Barnett Brotherhood Lil Banshee

This compound bow is perfect for young archer. The ambidextrous handle and soft touch grip makes it easy to use. The 18 lbs weight fits for the novice archer. The price is affordable with the quality because it’s only $89.50 on Amazon.

The product specs:

  • Ambidextrous soft touch
  • Draw 18 lbs weight
  • The draw lenght between 18 – 22 inches
  • The bow set including youth bow, finger tab, and two arrows

If you searching thebest compound bow, maybe you’ll find many types and you’ll feel extremely confuse. The best compound bow lists above is highly recommended for you. But, which one is the best from the lists above? Well if the weight is matter to you, Crosman Upland Compound Bow is the best one. Thanks for stopping by and read the article.

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